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Product Photography

Product Photography


Need Professional Product Pictures for your Small Business?

Starting at $98 for 7 pictures (each picture is $14) Minimum.

Specializing in Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Jewelery, & Small-Medium Sized Items.


How it works!

- You decide the colored backdrop for your pictures

- Let me know how many items you will be mailing to my PO BOX (5 items are serviced for free)

- Once your items arrive, I will get started the day after and have everything ready for you in a span of business 3 days! or within a week if it's a big project!


Full Communication is required! Please double check your email for typos.


After your purchase you will recieve a download link for instructions, which will also provide my PO BOX Address!


You will Receive a gallery of options through your email with watermarks, you may decide 7 pictures that you'd like out of the bunch! To buy more than 7 from the gallery its an additional $12 USD the same day you recieve the gallery, any day after that goes back to it's original price ($14 USD). 

  • What I Need from You

    You will receive a download link of a document, requesting the following information. The document will provide the email you will use to contact me and the PO BOX Address you will send your items to.

    Your Name:

    Business Name:

    Tracking Number:

    Number of Items you are mailing:

    Type of Products you are mailing:

    Color of the Backdrop you want: Choose from the Following ; Red, Light Orange, Dark Orange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Regular Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Regular Blue, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Light Pink, Hot Pink, White, Grey, Light Grey, Light Brown, Regular Brown

    Do you need me to hold the product in my hand for one of the pictures? If so, please specify which product. 


  • How many Items can I send?

    A Maximum of 5 Items may be serviced free of charge! Additional Items require a $8 fee for each product. Purchase 35 pictures, and I'll service 15 items free of charge! Questions? Please email me!

  • Will I get my items back?

    If you'd like them back, I can send you a payment request of $6-$8 USD to create your shipping label and mail it back to you or you may provide a return label in the package you are sending!

  • Revisions?

    Any Revisions requested after the photoshoot require an additional fee. Additional fees vary on the request. Photoshoot Prefrences must be mentioned beforehand, which is why additional fees may be required if another day of shooting the product(s) is needed.

    any questions or concerns? please email me!

  • Requests

    You can make special requests! Additional Fee's may be required. However, your requests must be mentioned beforehand, any last minute requests require another photoshoot order which results into an additional fee for time/labor

  • What am I paying for?

    My service starts at a minumum of 7 pictures ($98). You are soley purchasing the images, for 5 items, with no extra fees. (This is the starting amount)

    One Photoshoot = 5 Items (Free Service) in general.

    Disclaimer: (Not 5 Items to be serviced free per 7 pictures)

  • Potential Clients Please Read

    Read all the information in the description before purchasing the service!

    In this process, please:

    • Follow the instructions on the doc you'll download after checkout
    • Be Specific with your needs
    • Answer all of my Questions 
    • Keep Consisitent Communication
    • Be Respectful

    Audacity Cosmetics has the right to deny service!


  • Communication Policy

    Full Communication is expected & appreciated with my services. If a client does not remain active or remain involved throughout the process, 'I' as the photographer/ coordinator will freestyle the photoshoot or if your gallery is completed & the client does not respond with their preferred images, I will choose the # of images purchased that best represents the clients inital requests.

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