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Verano Lip Gloss

Made for Normal, Dry Sensitive Lips

Made with Coconut


Gloss Flavor: Horchata

Shade Type: Bronze, Tinted, Metallic, Shimmer


High Shine, Long Lasting Moisture, & Maintains Softness


Target those Irritating Chapped, Dry Lips & Provide Relief. This Light-Weight Hydrating Formula Protects, Nourishes, & Treats Dryness! Use its Luxury Treatment on a Daily Basis to Slay the Day, Every Day.

Verano Lip Gloss

    1. Coconut Infused Non-Stick Formula
    2. Made with FDA Approved Ingredients
    3. Vegan & Cruelty Free
    4. Hydrating AF & Buttery Smooth
    5. Made for Normal, Dry Sensitive Lips
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